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Maintenance Information

Summary of maintenance Information.

Exterior Maintenance:


STSA #1 is responsible for roofing, siding, insurance (see enclosed information sheet), painting, gutters, etc. Please refer to Article V, By-Laws, exterior maintenance, enclosed, for an explanation of STSA #1 responsibilities.


If your townhouse has any ADDITIONS TO THE ORIGINAL STRUCTURE, such as a patio cover, courtyard additions or covers, skylights, solar tubes, decks, greenhouses, or attic fans, etc., please be advised the repair and maintenance of them is not covered by STSA #1. The Association has no obligation to maintain or repair any driveways, walkways, sidewalks, gates, brick walls; landscaping or plantings within the patio or courtyard area; the washing, maintenance and replacement of glass surfaces; and the repair or replacement of garage doors. Maintenance, repair, or replacement of all underground utilities servicing the unit between the street and the unit are the responsibility of the owner, including the electric, gas, water, telephone, TV cable, electric conductor to the street lamp, and storm and sanitary sewer lines.


STSA #1 is not responsible for the cost of repair to roofs, siding, foundations, drains, etc., that are injured or threatened by overgrown trees. Such trees are to be removed at the owner's expense. Dry-rot or rot that is caused by soil, bark dust, etc. that has come in contact with the siding is considered to be negligence on the homeowner's part and the cost of repair falls to the homeowner. Soil and bark dust should be three inches below the siding.


Bark dust or other ground cover is not paid for by the Assn. Discretionary distribution of ground cover is at the choice and expense of the homeowner.


STSA #1 keeps a supply of light bulbs and replacement glass for the LAMP POSTS. These are to be reported to the Maintenance Chairman, and replaced by our handyman as needed. Other exterior lights are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Satellite dishes are subject to the approval of the Summerfield Civic Association. The STSA #1 Board agrees with the Civic Association Policy. You may obtain a form at the Clubhouse.


Any structural changes you may wish to make to your property must have the approval of STSA #1 and also the Summerfield Architectural Committee. The forms, available at the Clubhouse, should be in duplicate and approved by a Member of our Board of Directors before returning them to the Clubhouse.

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