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Landscaping Information

A Summary of the Landscape and the Architectural Bylaws:


Northwest Landscape Services of Oregon provides the townhouse association with:

  • Landscape maintenance service for front, back and commonly maintained lawn areas.

  • Shrub trimming.

  • Fall leaf blowing and collection.

  • Tree trimming up to 12 feet only, due to liability insurance issues.

  • Trees on each property belong to that owner (including those on the parking strip on the Summerfield Drive side), who is responsible for other tree care as needed.


Landscaping in patios and courtyard areas, and replacement of plants inside and outside the courtyard are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Following are some excerpts from our contract with Northwest Landscaping, the Summerfield Landscape Manual, and minutes of the STSA #1 Board of Directors meetings.


This contract covers all vegetation outside of the courtyard area (vegetation inside the courtyard or patio areas is the responsibility of the home owner). It includes the trimming of trees and shrubs NOT OVER 12 FEET IN HEIGHT as required to present a neat appearance and proper growth. It also includes the removal of dead or diseased trees and shrubs, not over 12 feet. Removal of dead or diseased and living trees over 12 feet in height are the obligation of the home owner.


Removal of small shrubs on owner's property need not have the approval of either the Townhouse Landscape Director or the Civic Assn. Landscape Committee. However, prior approval must be obtained for the removal of trees and for any major alterations to the existing landscaping. A form for this purpose can be obtained at the clubhouse. Contact Northwest Landscape Services directly or another person of your choice for any personal work you may wish done. It is suggested that you obtain  a written estimate and you both agree on the cost before work commences. The homeowner is responsible for this cost.


The breezeways between groups of townhouses are owned by the abutting properties. They are maintained by the landscaper, but ownership of trees, lawns, shrubs, gravel or barkdust paths rest with the two homeowners.


STSA #1 is NOT responsible for the cost of repairs to roofs, siding, foundations, drains, etc., that are damaged or threatened by overgrown trees (front or back). Such trees are to be removed at the homeowner's expense.

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